domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012


Hello all. I am vexorian a.k.a. Victor Hugo Soliz Kuncar. A perpetual computer science student from Bolivia. I have been feeling like making a blog about free software. Free as in beer and -most importantly- as in freedom. Lately I switched to Ubuntu 12.04 and so far I liked it. But such a switch (I did not upgrade since 10.10) was a little tough to do and full of change. I think the FOSS world has been getting interesting and I have a lot of things to say. A blog was inevitable.

About me, well I have been using free software since the 2000s and switched from windows XP to Ubuntu around 2005. Since then it has been quite an adventure. Me, a former hard core gamer had to be used to Linux's things. Some of my experiences were good, some not that much. I enjoyed the gnome 2 days. Battled the mono pushers. Came to really understand what free software is about. And developed a free software game called Xye. Mind you, I think it is lacking in interface, but I will keep on improving it and the dream lives on. But I see myself more as a user and advocate than a developer.

Using Ubuntu Linux/GNU all this year was not easy in this locked-in world. I had to deal with issues in regards to hardware. Software requirements at college. And other hindrances. But I managed to become a full time user. Now I would like to share some stuff I learned.

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